NexTerra’s 2023 Wine Cellar Expansion: Crafting Spaces for Future Classics

February 29, 2024

NexTerra continues to take bold steps into the future of winemaking. With a visionary expansion of our wine cellar and the unveiling of new, exceptional wines, we've set the stage for more robust partnerships with custom wine partners and distributors alike.

Elevating the Wine Cellar Experience

We completed the second of a five year expansion plan of our cellar, bringing total stainless capacity to over 630,000 gallons. This isn't just about quantity; it's about setting a new standard in wine preservation and aging. It means every wine from NexTerra is promised to have had the perfect conditions to reach its full potential - a quality we're proud to share with our clients.

Why Partner with NexTerra?

When you choose to partner with NexTerra, you're not just selecting a wine supplier; you're embracing a brand that stands for innovation, quality, and an ever-growing pursuit of perfection. Our cellar expansion is more than a milestone; it's our commitment to bring exceptional wines to the masses, ensuring that your clientele enjoys a premium wine experience with every pour. 

Join us as we look to the future, where every bottle from NexTerra is a taste of the extraordinary. Let's raise a glass to a fruitful partnership and the shared success that awaits.


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